Black Sesame Ice Cream (without an ice cream maker!)

Hi everyone! I hope the week so far has been great!

Last week, I came home from Australia and my heart was strangely very discontent, because I had made a batch of black sesame seed ice cream and I did not stay long enough to eat it up! :)

So coming home last week, I was very excited to try out the recipe. Black Sesame Ice Cream, without an ice cream maker!

I had guests over, and together with my family, they devoured EVERYTHING! Everyone was happy to have a second cup, which was great because I had doubled the recipe. The recipe works because you stick it in the freezer overnight or for 4 – 5 hours and then use a hand mixer to blend the ice cream again. Rinse & repeat for 3 – 4 times and the texture will be just right! By the way, I poured my ice cream into a shallow baking tray to help it freeze faster.

Why the sudden crave for this particular ice cream? It all started with looking for Black Tahini which is ground black sesame paste for my friend in Australia. I’ve tried black sesame ice cream before, loved it, but never thought I’d make it. The difference between Tahini and black sesame paste is that Tahini isn’t roasted. This recipe calls for roasted black sesame paste, but to be honest, it doesn’t really make a big difference. I used black tahini as well as ground my own roasted black sesame seeds and it was perfect!

This ice cream is so tasty I thought I would share the recipe to you! Nami of Just One Cookbook did a wonderful job and I present below my tweaks.

Black Sesame Ice Cream
from: Nami of Just One Cookbook

1. boil this! :)
400 ml (roughly 1 2/3 cup) whole milk
1 tsp. vanilla / 1 vanilla bean, scraped

2. beat the eggs & sugar til white / light. add the rest in when you’re done!
3 egg yolks
35g sugar / brown sugar
2 Tbsp. honey
3 Tbsp. black sesame paste (or Homemade Black Sesame Paste)
2 Tbsp. roasted black sesame seeds (ground)

add in the boiled milk, then transfer all back to a pot & stir consistently until it is thick paste (be careful cos the eggs will scramble if the heat is too high!)

3. whip this til stiff
300 ml heavy cream
Pinch of salt (i omit this! :) )

4. add in the black sesame paste + whipped cream together. freeze, churn etc :)

2013 – Hello!

Dear Diary,

So hello! I have been missing in action from my beloved blog for the past 2 years, wha? What has happened! Oh so much growing and waiting – learning to wait upon God and His timing! And at the same time, learning to be a brave and responsible adult! SCARY! HA. I love how I’m growing old! Just a bit more time to find out what matters, what doesn’t, love others and keep doing it!

I feel this constant need to keep blogging with all that is within me. I sometimes don’t completely defrag what has happened until I blog it out! BLAH BLAH BLAH! ;)

Oh boy, have I missed this place! A few activities I’ve been up to is work, going for an AMAZING Camp called TCP 2012 in Singapore and meeting some really awesome people there under an organization named “ROHEI” and spending lots of time unnecessarily worrying about many things.

Ah.. one sad thing is that I feel that I have lost my mojo, my zest for life, it’s been all zapped up in trying to be one word – PRODUCTIVE! Me becoming my work. Or at least trying to be ;) I realised. Man, we are NOT our work! Our work shows others a little glimpse of who we are, but above all, relationships and loving others is what He’s called us to do, and following Him alone in even the quietness of the morning IS what makes us who we are. Have any of you fallen for this trap and really become bored with who you’ve become? Writing this out loud has been good!

“God is a creator, not a duplicator. We were all crafted for a specific purpose in different walks of life with a single common goal. Stop comparing your life with others and start living life as you would in the best way you can.”

Here is a little project I’ve been up to – a 25th Anniversary Cake!

Thanks Andrew for the recommendation and Jeremy for being an awesome client!

Manchester United Cupcakes, the right team, oops, THEME!

Delighted to receive an order from Jolyn, for her sweetheart who happens to support the team that also receives ALL the support in my household, including mine! :D

The story goes how my wayward brother almost left to support Arsenal, and how he almost camped under the stars that night.. he was brought back home to support the team above, and we have all lived happily ever after. Well, football has been how we’ve connected happily as a family… and these cupcakes are just a pleasure to make! :D

*designs of the logo made not by me but a team member, T! :D

Heineken Can Cake

The other day a phonecall while I was on the way back from Singapore told me that there was something exciting in December, a Heineken Can cake!

Indeed, the making and prayer that it would turn out alright was also exciting! From rolling the fondant over and over, to cutting out the Words, baking the cakes, etc… I’m glad it turned out alright! Although I would have made it thinner if I could do it again!

Have a look!

I think this butter cake would go well with a lil can of somethin’ somethin’, aye? ;) haha, too bad I don’t drink any myself… it tasteth.. horrible! To me ;-) Give me water anytime, baby!