Mini Tutorial: How to Open a Cupcake Wrapper

Even the strongest men struggle.

Sweat, blood and tears. Ready emotions.

Yes, all these go into the Opening of a Cupcake Wrapper Attempt. Some tear it. Some leave it. Some gobble the top and scoop the bottom. But really. How in the world does one get the flippin cupcake out?

This post will try to answer this important question in life.

First up, #1: What in the world’s a souffle (sooflay) cup?
There’re just fancy schmancy cupcake cups (papers) (wrappers) (holders) lovely unecessary things that elevated cupcake mania.

The really expensive souffle cup

And next we move on to the question everyone’s been waitingforbitingtheirnailsinanticipation:

#2: How in the world does one get the flippin cupcake out?
So you’ve got your gorgeous what? I’ve heard of insane trials people go to to just eat the thang. Man. (HAHA okay so I admit, I was one too!) It’s sittin there all pretty..but really, all you wanna do is have a bite and you can’t even have that!

Fear no more: Let this guide educate thee.

*UPDATE: I found a tutorial on Flickr!*

Thanks “show and tell:)

If you see on the souffle cup, there’re little ridges where you can open it up. You tug & pull it open. If you have the patience to tug and pull all around the sides, you’ll end up with a circle and the cupcake (still sittin pretty) in the middle. The paper pleats will come apart and become you little new cupcake place 😉

Mm hmm. With your enlightened mind, you have only one choice: Try it!
Feel the waves of wisdom coming over you as you smugly bite into your cupcake as others struggle in pain. *wink*

PS: Outrageously priced, for one order I could be spending RM7++ on these cups alone!! 700% more than normal.


  1. haha thats neat .lol everytime i eat a muffin or cupcake thing with that wraper ..i end up eating some of the papper .lol

  2. Never knew how to strip a cupcake naked lol. Almost always end up with a good chunk of it stuck to the wrappers. =(

    Enlightened I am, indeed.

  3. Helloooo!! Haha, that was like one of the most relevant tutorials ever!! I mean, I’ve always wondered how to do just that!!! 😀 😛

  4. Jared hey paper tastes good! *WINK*

    ember Hahha, yeah such a tease in their lil wrappers huh 😉 Oh no now don’t you go around being a frequent stripper mkays ;P

    SoungHui Heyyyy! Hee, thanks! Yeah you gota dmit its pretty nifty huh! How did you open it before? 😀

  5. RM 7???

    Wow… isn’t it a good waste of money for something that we gonna throw away… talk about global warming!

    Gonna try out ur choc cake recipe soon… sounds yum! tough choice to choose between the two… you dun leave me much choice… gotta bake both 😛

  6. Halimah Yes!! Agree wholeheartedly. Trouble is I can’t find upright cupake cups! They’re always flat..I want em nice and tall. So the souffle cups come in! How much are they in Singapore? It’s RM34 here! Used to find cheaper &smaller ones @ RM10 for 250. No more =/

    Which 2 chocolate recipes? Hee GOOD FOR YOU! It really is yummy!! I added some choc chips so it was exxtra good 😉

  7. HowToEatACupcake I never knew how much of a pain it was until I tried it! I think of how the people I gave these cups to suffered. Haha.

    I felt so posh & sophisticated when I finally ‘un-pleated’ it. LOL. But they’re expensive! But….purdy :)

  8. Afiza

    Hi There

    My God! Stumbled upon your blog this morning while marking my students’ exam paper. Your cuppies are out of this world. when I have more time, I will definitely want to explore your blog more. in the meantime, I love looking and your cuppies and getting some ideas on how to decorate my hubby’s birthday cake next week. thanks and all the very best for you.

  9. Afiza: Hey there! Why thank you!! =) Glad it could be of some relief to marking 😉 I tried it, don’t like it. Hehe. Hats off to teachers! And sure, explore all you like – if I get time I may even get it some decorating tutorial posts — but I’ve been short of time as of late! =/ If you want any handy tutorials, just let me know yeah! =D

    all the best to you too! let me know how your husband’s cake turned out! pretty excited to know =)

  10. Hi Halimah,

    if u read this…im also from malaysia and i bought those souffles cups at only RM20++ per box ( 250pcs in it).
    If im not mistaken, the ones that u use were packed in a plastic right? That one is from USA.
    The souffles cups that im using right now are from canada ( as written on the box ).The box is white in color with some green writings on it.
    You can get them at any BAGUS outlet or JJ HOMEBAKED in section 9 Shah Alam.

    Happy Baking ya!

  11. Marvelcakes: Hi marvelcakes!

    Your cakes ARE marvels! Baking marvels 😉 Very pretty! And wonderful ideas. Where do you get your boxes from? :) I’m scouting out macaron/cupcake boxes, baking paper cups and silicon mats..and other handy baking items now! At BakewithYen & ICCA. But rather expensive! Is Bagus much cheaper? RM20 is a really good price!! Thank you so much for letting me know.

    Yes mine were in platic btw. Solo paper portion cups!

    Thanks again! 😀

    It’s Eunice actually, by the way 😉

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