I’m really happy to blog about a cake again – the first order I’ve done in a LOOONG TIME! This time it’s an orange Hermès Birkin Bag! :) It was a real breeze doing it, surprisingly… I’ve learnt a little more about planning the process and not taking shortcuts so Praise GOD about how this baby turned out!! :)

I will be taking selective orders on Cake Bags now and make more time to blog about the process. I’m thrilled where this will go :D

The final project (thank you so much, A. E.!)

The back of the bag; neat and tidy and unashamed to be seen! :D

A close up!

Does the bag look slimmer at this angle? ;)

11 Responses to “It’s a CAKE! Orange Hermès Birkin Bag! :)”

  1. Fly Says:

    Hi, i would like to order 16cupcakes. hope to hear from u asap :) thx.

  2. Caca Says:

    this is real limited edition, with so much love.

  3. Brittany Says:

    This is so impressive and professional! I absolutely love the colour and the smooth fondant work. I’m so inspired!!

  4. Crystal Tan Says:

    wow… u r so good in it^^ very lovely…

  5. Eunice Says:

    Fly Hope you received my email! Thanks :)

    Caca Thank youuu! :)

    Brittany Thank you for your absolutely kind words!!!

    Crystal Tan CRYSTAL! Thank you for dropping by, we shall bake together soon okay? When you have holidays :)

  6. Cheryl Says:

    Awww! :) Gorgeous cake Eunice! Glad to hear ur back making cakes!

  7. Tim Says:

    Oh, wow, Eunice!

    So long I’ve not been here, u manage to surprise me always! awesome job on the bag cake! haha

  8. Eunice Says:

    Thanks Tim!! :D

  9. asya Says:

    hi,Eunice! how to order this beautiful awesome cake? and, sorry, may i know,how much does it cost? :)

  10. Fidelia Says:

    Hai, so stunning hermes cake you have made! Absolutely loves the color. Would you mind sharing what colors you mix to get this orange?

  11. Eunice Says:

    Asya – Thanks Asya! I have emailed you the price.

    Fidelia – Thank you! I mixed red & yellow together.

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